Apple Raises Concerns over UK’s Proposed Online Safety Bill, Citing Endangerment of Citizens and Weakening of Encryption


Apple Raises Concerns over UK’s Proposed Online Safety Bill, Citing Endangerment of Citizens and Weakening of Encryption: Apple has recently voiced alarm over the UK government’s planned new laws for technology, specifically the upcoming Online Safety Bill. These proposed regulations entail mandatory chat scanning for messaging apps, raising concerns among major secure messaging platforms. Apple, along with WhatsApp and Signal, has emphasized that such measures could compromise overall security by weakening encryption, the technology that protects messages during transmission. In an open letter signed by numerous civil society organizations, academics, and cyber experts, Apple urges the government to reconsider these rules, highlighting potential risks and the need to protect citizens’ security.

Endangering UK Citizens and Encryption : The central issue revolves around the inclusion of rules in the Online Safety Bill that grant the government the power to weaken encryption. Apple, in line with its competitors, argues that this provision poses a significant threat to citizens’ security in the UK. By undermining encryption, a critical capability for protecting the privacy of journalists, human rights activists, diplomats, and everyday citizens, the proposed legislation raises concerns about increased surveillance, identity theft, fraud, and data breaches. Apple emphasizes the importance of maintaining strong end-to-end encryption to safeguard individuals and combat these potential risks.

Apple’s Intervention and Open Letter : Apple’s intervention on the Online Safety Bill coincided with the release of an open letter addressed to the government. The letter, endorsed by over 80 national and international civil society organizations, academics, and cyber experts, expresses deep concerns about the bill and its implications. It describes the proposed legislation as “deeply troubling” and highlights the potential jeopardy it poses to security. The open letter serves as a collective call to the government to reconsider the planned rules, urging a reevaluation of the potential consequences and risks associated with compromising encryption.

Industry Response and Stance : Apple’s stance aligns with other major players in the industry, such as WhatsApp and Signal, who have unequivocally stated their commitment to not weakening encryption, even at the risk of app restrictions or bans in the UK. This unified front from industry leaders emphasizes the significance of encryption for maintaining privacy and security. By standing firm against compromised encryption, these companies aim to protect their users and ensure that personal data remains secure.

Apple’s alarm over the UK government’s proposed Online Safety Bill reflects widespread concerns about the potential ramifications of compromising encryption. With encryption being a critical element in safeguarding privacy and protecting against various threats, the proposed legislation raises significant security concerns for UK citizens. The open letter endorsed by numerous organizations and experts underlines the urgent need for the government to reconsider its plans and evaluate the potential risks associated with weakened encryption. As the debate surrounding the bill continues, balancing online safety measures with the preservation of individual rights and security remains a challenge. It is crucial for all stakeholders to work together to find a solution that addresses concerns regarding problematic content while upholding privacy and ensuring the safety of citizens in an increasingly digitized world.


  • Apple raises concerns over UK government’s planned Online Safety Bill for technology.
  • The bill includes rules that would force messaging apps to scan chats, potentially weakening security.
  • Apple joins WhatsApp and Signal in urging the government to reconsider rules that would weaken encryption.
  • An open letter signed by over 80 organizations urges the government to rethink the bill, citing security risks.
  • Apple emphasizes the importance of end-to-end encryption in protecting privacy and defending against surveillance, fraud, and data breaches.
  • Other companies like WhatsApp and Signal declare their commitment to not weaken encryption, even if it means app restrictions or bans in the UK.
  • Apple does not indicate its compliance with the rules if implemented.
  • The bill’s provisions are criticized for granting the government power to undermine encryption, which could endanger citizens’ security.
  • Balancing online safety and privacy rights remains a challenge that requires collaboration among stakeholders.

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