Twitter Users Face Access Problems as Elon Musk Implements Daily Tweet Limit

Twitter Users Face Access Problems as Elon Musk Implements Daily Tweet Limit: Elon Musk, who owns Twitter, recently put restrictions on the site to stop valuable data from being scraped without permission. Because of this, thousands of people had trouble getting on the social media service. This piece talks about the effects of these restrictions, how bad the service outages were, and what it means for Twitter’s users.

San Francisco, CA — On Saturday, Elon Musk, who owns Twitter, put a cap on how many tweets users can look at each day. This made a lot of people unhappy. Even though these limits were meant to protect the platform from data theft, they caused widespread problems and made the #TwitterDown hashtag popular in many places around the world.

The Crackdown and Its Effects on Others:

Shortly after Twitter made it so that users had to sign in to see tweets and accounts, there were problems with the service. Over 7,500 reports were made on Downdetector, a website that keeps track of online outages. However, this is only a small number of Twitter’s over 200 million users around the world. Still, the size and spread of the problems were big enough to make users worry.

Elon Musk’s Short-Term Solutions:

Elon Musk said that the limits were just a temporary fix to stop data theft that was making the service worse for regular users. Musk said in a tweet that unconfirmed accounts would only be able to read 600 posts per day, while verified accounts would still be able to read up to 6,000 posts per day. So, if a person goes over the limit for tweets, they may be temporarily locked out.


Accounts that have been checked and the Subscription Service:

Verified accounts, which are marked with a blue star, will have a higher tweet limit. Musk started a $8-a-month subscription service earlier this year that gives you this right. He did this to help Twitter make more money. Since Musk took over the company and started taking steps to cut costs, advertising spending on the site has gone down by a lot. He recently hired Linda Yaccarino, who used to work for NBC Universal, as Twitter’s CEO in an effort to get marketers back.

Effects on users and on advertisers:

When word limits are put in place, it will be hard for people who use Twitter to get updates, share information, and interact in real time. If a user responds to more than a few hundred tweets in a day, they might be locked out of the site until the next day. This change comes after a string of service outages earlier this year, which could mean that the platform’s stability is being put to the test.

Advertisers have cut back on their spending on Twitter because they are worried that the platform is allowing more controversial and offensive material, which turns off a wider audience. Musk’s choice of Linda Yaccarino shows that he wants to win back the trust of advertisers and boost Twitter’s income lines.

As Elon Musk puts limits on how many tweets people can send, people all over the world are having trouble getting on Twitter. These temporary steps are meant to protect important data and stop people from stealing data. But the implementation has caused a lot of problems and made people worry about how reliable the site is. It’s still not clear how these rules will affect how users interact with Twitter, how much money Twitter makes from ads, and how people use Twitter in general.

Let’s hope for best for tweeter! Good luck!

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