Exclusive Leak: iPhone 15 Pro Cases Reveal Exciting Updates – USB-C Port and Redesigned Button Layout

Exclusive Leak: iPhone 15 Pro Cases Reveal Exciting Updates – USB-C Port and Redesigned Button Layout: Introduction- The highly anticipated release of the iPhone 15 line of phones is drawing near, and leaked images of iPhone 15 Pro cases are offering us a glimpse into the upcoming device. These leaks suggest that Apple has implemented several design changes and hardware upgrades compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro.


  1. iPhone 15 Pro Case Leaks : Recently leaked images of iPhone 15 Pro cases originating from the Chinese social media platform Weibo have sparked excitement among Apple enthusiasts. These leaked cases provide valuable insights into the design and potential features of the forthcoming iPhone 15 Pro. While the changes observed are relatively minor, they hint at some noteworthy alterations compared to the iPhone 14 Pro.
  2. Design Changes and Features : The leaked case images highlight a few significant design differences between the iPhone 15 Pro and its predecessor. Firstly, the cutout for the mute switch on the iPhone 15 Pro case appears to have undergone significant changes. Speculation suggests that Apple might replace the current mechanical sliding switch with a capacitive key, resulting in a smaller cutout. Additionally, rumors indicate that Apple might rename the mute switch to the ‘Action’ button, aligning it with the Apple Watch Ultra.

Furthermore, the leaked cases show a larger connector cutout at the bottom, potentially indicating Apple’s adoption of USB-C charging, in response to EU regulations. Other observed changes include larger camera and microphone cutouts, as well as slightly repositioned power and volume buttons.

  1. Hardware Upgrades and Enhanced Performance : Apart from the design modifications, Apple is expected to introduce significant hardware upgrades to the iPhone 15 Pro. The device will likely feature an improved processor, upgrading from the A16 chip in the iPhone 14 Pro to the more advanced A17 chip. This enhancement promises to deliver a noticeable boost in performance and efficiency.

Moreover, the entire iPhone 15 series is rumored to embrace USB-C charging, aligning with the changing industry standards and regulatory requirements. This transition to USB-C will provide users with faster charging speeds and greater convenience.

  1. Exciting Camera Enhancements : The iPhone 15 Pro is rumored to incorporate a periscope zoom lens, similar to the one found on the Google Pixel 7 Pro. This advanced camera technology, absent from previous iPhone models, will greatly enhance optical zoom capabilities, allowing users to capture detailed shots even from a distance. This addition would be a significant improvement since Apple introduced the triple rear camera system in the iPhone 11 Pro.

Final: While the leaked iPhone 15 Pro cases offer only a glimpse into what to expect, they provide tantalizing hints about the upcoming device. With design changes, hardware upgrades, and exciting camera enhancements, the iPhone 15 Pro promises to be an impressive iteration of Apple’s flagship smartphone. Stay tuned for the official launch in September, alongside iOS 17.

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