Mastering the Art of Putting: Lessons from Brad Faxon, Rory McIlroy’s Putting Coach

Join us in exploring the fascinating world of golf putting with insights from Brad Faxon, Rory McIlroy’s renowned putting coach. Discover the secrets behind Faxon’s rhythmic joy on the green and his approach to making putting a fun and instinctive game. Learn how McIlroy’s world-class putting skills shine on the flat and slow greens of Royal Liverpool.
  1. Introduction
  2. Brad Faxon: A Putting Maestro
  3. Rory McIlroy and the Club within the Club
  4. The Unique Greens of Royal Liverpool
  5. Unleashing the Inner Athlete in Putting
  6. The Art of Not Caring: Faxon’s Approach to Putting
  7. The Psychology of Perfect Putting
  8. Mastering the Wind: An Essential Element in Link Golf
  9. Evolution of Putting Techniques
  10. Learning from Legendary Fathers
  11. Conquering the Mental Dilemma: Putting from Close Range
  12. Consistency: The Key to a Fruitful Career

Lessons from Brad Faxon, Rory McIlroy’s Putting Coach: In the world of golf, putting is the game within the game. It demands a blend of precision, instinct, and a certain joy that only the best putters possess. Enter Brad Faxon, a celebrated putting maestro whose rhythmic joy on the green has made him a legend. In this article, we delve into Faxon’s putting prowess and his role as Rory McIlroy’s putting coach, exploring the secrets behind their success on the unique greens of Royal Liverpool.

Brad Faxon: A Putting Maestro:

Brad Faxon’s journey to becoming a famous putter was not immediate. However, over time, his rhythmic joy and exceptional putting skills earned him a place on the PGA Tour, where he made a remarkable 451 cuts and secured eight victories. His putting prowess was evident to fellow players like Lanny Wadkins and Curtis Strange. Now, Faxon imparts his knowledge and expertise to the next generation of golfers, including Rory McIlroy.

Rory McIlroy and the Club within the Club:

McIlroy, a prodigious talent, possessed a world-class putting game from the early days of his career. Joining the elite group of renowned putters, McIlroy’s skills have led him to numerous victories on the tour. Despite his incredible abilities, critics often focus on his missed putts. However, under Faxon’s guidance, McIlroy’s putting artistry has flourished.

The Unique Greens of Royal Liverpool:

As Faxon returns to Royal Liverpool, he reminisces about the mesmerizing greens that captured his attention 40 years ago during the Walker Cup. The flat and slow greens of Hoylake present a contrast to the fast and challenging greens experienced during the U.S. Open. This difference allows players to unleash their inner athletes and find joy in the putting game.

Unleashing the Inner Athlete in Putting:

Faxon encourages his students, including McIlroy, to connect with their inner athleticism and embrace instinctiveness on the green. He reminds them that golf is meant to be fun and avoids the notion of putting as mere work. Putting should be a creative and enjoyable endeavor, an aspect that McIlroy embraces wholeheartedly.

The Art of Not Caring: Faxon’s Approach to Putting:

One of Faxon’s key points in his putting philosophy is to avoid overthinking and the pressure of making every putt. He advises players to focus on each stroke consistently, irrespective of its importance or difficulty. McIlroy’s ability to laugh after a successful putt exemplifies this mindset, reflecting the fun and carefree approach Faxon encourages.

The Psychology of Perfect Putting:

Faxon’s collaboration with sports psychologist Bob Rotella has further enriched his understanding of the mental aspect of putting. The uniform and perfect greens of the PGA Tour contrast with the unpredictable nature of British Open greens. Faxon’s insights free golfers to bury their perfectionist tendencies and embrace creativity.

Mastering the Wind: An Essential Element in Link Golf:

Playing in the British Open necessitates reading the wind as an integral part of the game. Jack Nicklaus’s hovering putter technique, aimed at avoiding wind-related penalties, is no longer a concern due to rule changes. Windy conditions provide an opportunity for players to adapt and thrive in the links environment.

Evolution of Putting Techniques:

Faxon shares valuable insights with McIlroy, emphasizing key aspects like elbow positioning and striking the ball at the center of the putter face. These small but significant details impact the quality of contact and improve putting consistency.

Learning from Legendary Fathers:

Both Faxon and McIlroy were initiated into golf by their fathers. Their early exposure to the creative process of putting shaped their natural talents, ultimately defining their exceptional putting skills.

Conquering the Mental Dilemma: Putting from Close Range:

Millions of golfers face mental challenges when putting from close range, and McIlroy is no exception. Faxon’s advice to embrace each putt with the same approach helps golfers overcome mental hurdles and deliver more successful putts.

Consistency: The Key to a Fruitful Career:

Faxon’s philosophy of consistency underpins his successful career. Though rarely achieved flawlessly, this approach led to a fruitful and enduring presence on the tour. McIlroy, too, draws inspiration from this mantra to further elevate his putting prowess.

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